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Zimpli Large Special Effect Baff Bombz - 4 Pack

Zimpli Large Special Effect Baff Bombz - 4 Pack

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  • Skin Safe
  • Drain Safe
  • Easy Clean
  • Stain Free
  • Certified Biodegradable
  • Child-Friendly
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Be immersed in bath time with our multi-coloured rainbow, unicorn and star special effect Baff Bombz or jump right into outer space with our fiery orange rocket Baff Bombz!

Skin Safe - Drain Safe - Easy Clean - Stain Free
All our Baff Bombz are biodegradable!


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  • Skin Safe
  • Stain Free
  • Easy Clean
  • Drain Safe
  • Cruelty Free
  • Skin Safe Registered
  • Skin Safe

  • stain free

  • Easy clean

  • Drain safe

  • cruelty free

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How do you use these products?

Just add water to Zimpli Kids products, stir, and watch textures and colours transform. Ignite imaginative play, ensuring both fun and easy clean-up. Explore endless excitement today!

Are these products safe?

Yes, our products are rigorously tested and designed with child safety in mind. We prioritize using non-toxic and safe materials with complete legislation.

Are Zimpli Kids products suitable for toddlers?

Yes, many of our products are tailored to toddlers, offering sensory stimulation and safe play experiences for their age group.

Do Zimpli Kids products stain or leave residue?

Zimpli Kids products enchant without a trace. Designed for clean fun, they leave no stains or residues when used as directed. Embrace mess-free play and vibrant memories.

Do Zimpli Kids products meet any safety standards?

Yes, we are proud to be British Skin Foundation approved, and we adhere to stringent safety and quality standards to ensure the well-being of children during play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Emma De Carteret
Zimpli amazing!

We loved these bath bomb and will definitely be getting more! Not only were they super effective and great to watch melt but they left the skin feeling super soft.

Oana Sabadas
Good quality

Good quality, perfect for kids

Amy Pennell
Brilliant bathbombs

Vibrant colours, children loved watching them fizz in the bath.

Megan Hillyer
Who knew a bath bomb could bring so much joy!

The kids absolutely loved looking at all the colours and were so excited about all the different bath bomb designs. Will definitely be purchasing again

Julie White
Amazing product

We discovered zimpli kids less than a year ago when my sister bought my son one of the special effect Bath bombs. These are so special. I can't even begin to describe how great they are. They fizz loads with the colours trailing out like a tail/rainbow/space dust. Best of all there is zero colour residue in the bath at the end. Would highly recommend my son has so many different bath bombs from this company.