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Zimpli Mega Play Pack - 12 Use

Zimpli Mega Play Pack - 12 Use

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  • Skin Safe
  • Drain Safe
  • Easy Clean
  • Stain Free
  • Certified Biodegradable
  • Child-Friendly
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The Ultimate Playtime Product!
Our 12 Use Mega Play Pack includes 4 of our best selling products. Get Gelli Modelling with our Gooey Red Gelli Play or even prank your friends with our gunky green Slime Play! Explore your senses with our popping Crackle Baff Colours while watching your bath water turn into cool, vibrant colours. Or if you want snow all year round, our SnoBall play has you sorted! Have fun snowball fights with friends or create your own Winter Wonderland!

Skin Safe - Drain Safe - Easy Clean - Stain Free- UK Made
Our powder is certified biodegradable!


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  • Skin Safe
  • Stain Free
  • Easy Clean
  • Drain Safe
  • Cruelty Free
  • Skin Safe Registered
  • Skin Safe

  • stain free

  • Easy clean

  • Drain safe

  • cruelty free

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How do you use these products?

Just add water to Zimpli Kids products, stir, and watch textures and colours transform. Ignite imaginative play, ensuring both fun and easy clean-up. Explore endless excitement today!

Are these products safe?

Yes, our products are rigorously tested and designed with child safety in mind. We prioritize using non-toxic and safe materials with complete legislation.

Are Zimpli Kids products suitable for toddlers?

Yes, many of our products are tailored to toddlers, offering sensory stimulation and safe play experiences for their age group.

Do Zimpli Kids products stain or leave residue?

Zimpli Kids products enchant without a trace. Designed for clean fun, they leave no stains or residues when used as directed. Embrace mess-free play and vibrant memories.

Do Zimpli Kids products meet any safety standards?

Yes, we are proud to be British Skin Foundation approved, and we adhere to stringent safety and quality standards to ensure the well-being of children during play.

Customer Reviews

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Michele Jenkins
Stocking filler

Great gift for my GreatGranson who has autism and loves messy play !
Will be ordering again .